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Buffalo Bills Wild West Show
Description: Pre book Disneys biggest interactive dinner show and save up to 15%. Buffalo Bill, Sitting Bull, Annie Oakley, Mickey and Minnie will entertain you with a whole new type of Western after Sheriff Goofy has got you warmed up in the bar. During the show you will be served traditional Tex-Mex in proper mess-tins! Read more >>>

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Lunch with Princes & Princesses
Description: Enjoy lunch in a romantic setting, adults will enjoy a gala 4 course meal while children get to meet the fairytale stars.

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Day Tour of Paris by Cityrama
Description: This comprehensive tour includes a Seine cruise and Eiffel Tower ticket

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Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner at Caf Mickey
Description: While you tuck into a hearty meal some of the most popular Disney Characters will circle the room for photos, autographs and hugs!

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Disney Meal Plan - Standard
Description: A Disney meal plan ensures all your dining needs are taken care of. You will be given meal vouchers that you can use throughout the parks. Standard vouchers are valid and self-service canteen and kiosks. Read more >>>

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Paris Essentials
Description: As you are so close to one of the most incredible cities on earth why not book an orientation tour of Paris' main attractions

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Disney Express; Hotel check-in and luggage service
Description: Disney Express is designed to help you make the most of your time at Disneyland Paris. The Disney direct service allows you to check-in on the train, from where your luggage will be taken to the hotel while you head straight to the park. On the last day, check out of your hotel and leave your luggage which will be bought to the station for your departure.

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Vimanmek Museum in Bangkok
Description: On this Bangkok trip, get a taste of royalty by visiting the Vimanmek Museum, the old residence of King Rama V, and the worlds largest golden teak building. Also called Phra Thii Nang Wimanmek in Thai, the L-shaped, three-storey Vimanmek Museum was built in western style and without a single metal nail. Teak nails were used instead. It was restored in 1982 for Bangkok's bicentennial celebrations and reopened as a private museum that houses the royal family's memorabilia. Photographs, personal art and handicrafts of King Rama V are displayed in the museums 81 rooms. 31 rooms of the Vimanmek Museum are open to the public of which the royal bed chamber, the private bathroom and the audience hall are a must visit. The rooms are filled with stunning artefacts collected from all over the world. A visit to the Vimanmek Museum is a memorable experience for getting a glimpse into the fascinating history of Thailands royalty.

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Jim Thompson House and Museum in Bangkok
Description: The end of a narrow, and non-descript lane in central Bangkok contains one of the citys most popular sights: the Jim Thompson House. The former home of James Harrison Wilson Thompson, founder of the world-renowned Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company, the house is visited by over 400 people a day and serves as a museum that not only showcases Thai architecture and art, but also the vibrant and engaging personality of Thompson himself. In 1946, Thompson left the American army and returned to live in the country he fell in love with while serving the army during World War II. Every inch of his home at Central Bangkok is a reflection of his personality. An architect himself, he constructed his home by modifying six small Thai-style houses, an amazing challenge which made him the talk of town. He opened the house for the public twice a week and handed over the proceeds to charity. Thompson's achievements during his 25 year stay in the Kingdom of Thailand earned him the nickname of the Legendary American of Thailand. After his tragic disappearance in 1967, his house was preserved as a museum containing a priceless collection of Asia artifacts and antiques. Interestingly, Somerset Maugham was a guest for dinner at Jim Thompson's celebrated Thai house in 1959 -- then less than a year old. Learn about Thailands vibrant history by visiting the home of Jim Thompson an artists delight that houses Thai architecture and art collected over the years.

Store: isango! Brand: Price: USD 25.56

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