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Classic Cinnamon Roll Duo
Description: Now you can eat gooey gourmet cinnamon rolls in the time it might ordinarily take you to even find the recipe! A thick layer of sweet cinnamon filling gets spread over soft dough, and then it's all rolled up and gently baked. With the Classic Cinnamon Roll Duo, there are 12 delicious rolls in all, with a generous amount of icing to drizzle over the top. Ready to reheat and enjoy, this is an easy way to have a fabulous breakfast or dessert.

Store: Wolferman's Brand: Wolferman's Price: USD 34.99

Povitica Duo
Description: Crafted using a traditional recipe, this old-world gourmet treat is made with only the highest-quality ingredients. Delicious filling is spread over sweet dough that is then hand-rolled and baked to perfection. The Povitica Duo includes one with a black walnut filling, and the other rolled together with rich cream cheese inside. These bakery treats have long been favorites around the holidays. Send some to friends and family as gifts, and remember to save some for your own enjoyment at home.

Store: Wolferman's Brand: Wolferman's Price: USD 32.99

Breaktime Breads
Description: Make any time a moment to savor with the Breaktime Breads selection. Our tea breads slice and serve up perfectly with an array of amazing flavors, from tangy lemon and orange cranberry to apple strudel. A cinnamon toffee mini bundt cake is included for yet another divine option, making this an ideal selection for a midmorning pick-me-up or for hosting afternoon tea. A slice of flavorful bread served along with a cup of our premium coffee is a gourmet escape that anyone would take a break for.

Store: Wolferman's Brand: Wolferman's Price: USD 34.99

Signature Baklava
Description: This ambrosial dessert starts with 60 paper-thin phyllo pastry sheetsbuttered by hand, layered with a filling of minced walnuts, cinnamon and honey, and smothered in more honey with a squeeze of lemon.It's taken years to perfect the recipe for Signature Baklava, but the winning result yielded a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Handcrafted in the Harry & David bakery, this sweet Greek dessert has become a customer favorite.

Store: Wolferman's Brand: Wolferman's Price: USD 19.99

Favorite Flavors Sampler
Description: Only the most popular flavors are included in this assortment of our world famous, super thick English muffins. The extra thickness means they'll stand up to any topping, with tiny air pockets that make for a crisp bite every time they come out of the toaster.

Store: Wolferman's Brand: Wolferman's Price: USD 14.99

Create-Your-Own Signature English Muffins Gift Box - Four Packages
Description: There's nothing else quite like our world famous, super-thick signature English muffins. Their extra thickness means this specialty bread can handle any topping, and their tiny air pockets make for a crisp, perfect bite every time they emerge from a toaster.Each of our distinct flavors is hand-selected to be uniquely satisfying, whether you choose sweet, tangy or savory. There's plenty of variety in this special gift box, and every flavor is certified kosher.Choose four packages of any of our flavors and make the perfect personalized gift, complete with gift box. Four muffins per package.

Store: Wolferman's Brand: Wolferman's Price: USD 24.99

Create-Your-Own Signature English Muffins Gift Box - Six Packages
Description: With our Create-Your-Own Signature English Muffins Gift Box, you've found a personalized food gift for any occasion. That's because everyone loves Wolferman's signature English muffins. They're available in a variety of unique flavors, each delicious and satisfying. Signature English muffins are extra thick, with a texture that toasts up crispy and perfect every time. That thickness and texture make this bread specialty perfect for any topping you spread on it. And every flavor is certified kosher. Choose six packages from among our many incredible flavors, and we'll include a gift box with your order. Four muffins per package.

Store: Wolferman's Brand: Wolferman's Price: USD 26.99

Tearoom Scones Sampler
Description: Our Tearoom Scones Sampler includes a rich collection of bakery delights to be savored. Made using traditional recipes, these unique treats feature flavors ranging from tangy fruit scones to delightfully sweet chocolate or cinnamon chip varieties. They're perfect for tea time, and any other time of day.

Store: Wolferman's Brand: Wolferman's Price: USD 29.99

Ultimate Chocolate Cake
Description: From the beautiful and decorative exterior to the decadent and delicious inside, the Ultimate Chocolate Cake is a gourmet dessert to remember. The first layer is a rich brownie fudge cake, topped with a layer of light and fluffy New York-style cheesecake, and fudge filling in between. Top it all off with fancy fudge frosting and pecans, and you have a chocolate cake that memories are made of.

Store: Wolferman's Brand: Wolferman's Price: USD 49.99

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