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Yakima HullyRoller
Description: With a set of Yakima HullyRollers on the back of your car's roof rack, you can easily position your kayak on your car top, even by yourself. When the boat is in place, strap it down securely right to the HullyRollers. (You'll need either a second set of HullyRollers, or other saddle mounts such as the Mako Saddles (sold separately) to support the front of the boat.) Pivoting rollers smoothly slide the kayak on and off the vehicle's top. The U-shaped rollers fit any boat shape. Rollers lock in place and do not roll when locked during transport. The rollers are padded with Dynaflex (TM) , a soft, durable composite material, for sure grip on your boat and long wear. Attach easily to crossbars. For factory racks use Yakima MightyMounts (sold separately) . Includes one 16' Yakima padded Heavy Duty Strap and one Bow/Stern Tie Down.

Store: NRS Brand: Yakima Price: USD 109.00

Kayak Footbraces
Description: Install these footbraces in your kayak for a strong, adjustable foot system. Sturdy aluminum foot peg track provides 16 peg positions for 12"" of adjustability. Simple locking system is easy to move forward and back with one hand. Grooves in the track prevent sand and other debris from jamming the system. The cross section of the metal track is 1"" wide and 3/4"" high. FYI, the track will fit in the MaverIK Kayak Foot Braces patches, Item # 37318.01.

Store: NRS Brand: Price: USD 45.00

Rubber Oar Stopper
Description: The Rubber Oar Stopper keeps your oar shaft from sliding through the oarlock. Fits both Carlisle and Cataract oar shafts. The 1"" thick rubber stopper goes right over the oar shaft, not over the Molded Oar Sleeve. The 1 5/8"" inner diameter is a tight fit on the shaft. Use either soap and water or hair spray to lubricate the stopper and shaft to slide it on. As it dries, hair spray also gives an adhesive effect to hold the stopper in place.

Store: NRS Brand: Price: USD 6.00

Raft Sealant Kit
Description: Pinhole leaks? Porosity problems? Flexseal Raft Sealant's liquid urethane seals the boat from the inside. One quart will repair the main tubes of a small 12-foot Pennel OrcaA (R) , HypalonA (R) , neoprene, or PVC raft.

Store: NRS Brand: Price: USD 64.95

Roller Rasp Hand Tool
Description: Handy repair tool for roughening raft material before applying glue. Use roller end over the patched surface to get a good bond. 1"" dia. x 1/8"" wide, ribbed wheel.

Store: NRS Brand: Price: USD 3.50

Z-Drag Rescue Crib Sheet
Description: All the essential knots and boat retrieval techniques clearly illustrated and explained on durable waterproof paper that folds out. A great tool for clubs and schools as well as individual boaters. Information Included: Basic Z-drag 3:1 Vector Pull 2:1 Z+C 6:1 Double Z 9:1 Water Knot Double Fishermen's Knot Prusik Knot Double Figure 8 Knot Bowline Knot

Store: NRS Brand: Price: USD 6.95

Rescue Rope 1/4""
Description: 100% polypropylene for superior buoyancy. Kernmantle construction. 1/4"" Rescue Rope has 950 lb. tensile strength. Sold by the foot or in spools of 300'.

Store: NRS Brand: Price: USD 0.38

Storm Whistle
Description: Sometimes, the only way to be rescued is to be heard. Invaluable for signaling rescuers. Boat safely and carry the necessary equipment. 2-level volume in a sturdy, loud whistle which can be heard while under water. Comes with Split-ring. Size: 3.25""L x 1.75""W

Store: NRS Brand: Price: USD 8.50

Nomad Paddlesports Journal
Description: Preserve your boating experiences with a Nomad Paddlesports Journal. Waterproof paper and a perfect size to fit in a jacket or PFD pocket. No need to depend on your memory - write it down! This Nomad Adventure Journal helps you keep permanent records of your kayaking, rafting and canoeing trips. Spiral bound with waterproof paper and a rugged cover, these notebooks can take all the abuse of your active lifestyle. Each of the 38 Daily Entry pages has sections to record date, boating location, your companions, put-in, take-out, water and weather conditions and much more. The back of each of these pages is lined for writing more Observations/Notes. The Journal is eco-friendly. It's printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks. You'll use your notes again and again, referring back to previous trips for the valuable information needed to plan the next adventure! Size: 3-3.4"" x 4-3/4""

Store: NRS Brand: Price: USD 8.50

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