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Swisher Sweets Wood Tip 10/5
Description: The Swisher International Group is a major player in several sectors of the tobacco market. They produce both small cigars and electronic cigarettes. On the cigar side of the business, they use proprietary blends of fine tobacco and aromatic flavorings the deliver satisfying, mild smokes with consis

Store: Famous Smoke Shop Brand: Swisher Sweets Price: USD 38.99

Agio Meharis Java
Description: Enjoy the rich flavor of Agio Mehari's Java cigarillos in the original blend that debuted in 1976. Made with a diverse mix of prime tobaccos from several nations rolled in a savory Java wrapper for a satisfying short smoke that's mild, well-balanced, and fragrant. Add some to your cart now.

Store: Famous Smoke Shop Brand: Agio Meharis Price: USD 34.99

Zippo Wicks
Description: Zippo wicks and flints are designed for use in any Zippo lighter. A new wick means a better flame and an easier light. For best results, always use genuine Zippo accessories wicks and fluid with all Zippo lighters. Each package contains one (1) wick.

Store: Famous Smoke Shop Brand: Zippo Price: USD 0.99

Hav-A-Tampa Jewels Sweets 5 Packs
Description: Hav-A-Tampa Jewels Sweet little cigars are produced according to exacting standards, ensuring only the highest quality construction. The sweets offer a mild, sweet smoke in a panatela shape that's perfect for the small-cigar smoker, any time of day or night. 10 packs of 5 cigars. Enjoy!

Store: Famous Smoke Shop Brand: Hav-A-Tampa Price: USD 4.40

Arturo Fuente 858
Description: The Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 Flor Fina Candela is a lighter version of this popular Fuente classic. This cigar is wrapped in a rare, Candela (a/k/a Claro, Jade) leaf presenting a much milder smoke. If you like the Cameroon and Maduro, complete the set and try a box.

Store: Famous Smoke Shop Brand: Arturo Fuente Price: USD 114.99

Arturo Fuente Brevas
Description: Arturo Fuente Brevas cigars are classic Coronas handmade with the same mild, medium-length Dominican fillers as the Arturo Fuente Curly Head cigars in Maduro wrappers. Brimming with sweet, toasty-nutty flavors, they're especially satisfying for everyday. Pretty hard to beat for the price, too.

Store: Famous Smoke Shop Brand: Arturo Fuente Price: USD 110.99

Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente
Description: The Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente natural is one of the hardest cigars to find, so if you see them in stock, don't delay. Made with smooth, aromatic, Connecticut shade wrappers and blanketed inside cedar sleeves, the Chateau Fuente offers a mild, memorable smoke.

Store: Famous Smoke Shop Brand: Arturo Fuente Price: USD 86.99

Arturo Fuente Churchill
Description: The Arturo Fuente Churchill Candela is a long, relaxing cigar handcrafted with the finest, select Dominican longfillers enveloped in a light green Claro wrapper sought for its lighter taste and aroma. If you've never tried a genuine 'Claro,' this unique selection is one of the best.

Store: Famous Smoke Shop Brand: Arturo Fuente Price: USD 130.99

Arturo Fuente Corona Imperial
Description: Arturo Fuente cigars don't last long when they are obtainable. The well-known Fuente family has been participating in the manufacture of cigars for several decades, and their approach is always slow and meticulous. . Arturo Fuente cigars are SO AFFORDABLE they really do tend sell out instantly.

Store: Famous Smoke Shop Brand: Arturo Fuente Price: USD 115.99

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