Maxima Formula K2 2-Cycle Lubricant
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Product Description

Formula K2 is a very high performance 100% synthetic 2-cycle lubricant utilizing 2000 centistoke esters along with special additives to achieve outstanding levels of protection and cleanliness. Friction and wear, ring sticking and exhaust tract (power valve) carbon are virtually eliminated. Formula K2 also provides higher levels of rust and corrosion protection.Usage: Formula K2 is ideally suited as a premix with pump or race gasoline in virtually all high-performance and racing 2-cycle engines.100% synthetic 2-cycle lubricant.Protects against rust and corrosion.Recommended premix ratios: 50 - 80cc (24 - 32:1) , 125cc (24 - 40:1) , 250cc (24 - 40:1) , 500cc and up (32 - 60:1) .Technical Data:SAE viscosity: 40.Color D 1500: Red / Orange.Gravity: 28.8Adeg A.P.I.Viscosity SUS @ 100AdegF: 450.Viscosity SUS @ 210AdegF: 72.Viscosity cSt @ 40AdegC: 97.Viscosity cSt @ 100AdegC: 13.58.Pour point: -25AdegF.Flash point: 240AdegF.Fire point: 280AdegF.Viscosity index: 140.Caution: Store away from open flame or excessive heat. Protect from contamination. Dispose of any unused oil per local regulations.... Read More

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Description: Maxima Formula K2 Motor Oil Maxima Formula K2 Motor Oil is a 100 synthetic ester high performance 2 stroke engine oil. High film strength provides superior protection for pistons, cylinder walls, cranks and bearings. Advanced additive system eliminates ring sticking, reduces carbon build-up, prevents rust & oxidation and minimizes power valve maintenance. Suitable for all forms of competition. Safe to use with leaded or unleaded gasoline. Exceeds all OEM specifications. Recommended Premix Ratios 50-80cc (24-32:1) / 125cc (24-40:1) / 250cc (24-40:1) / 500cc and up (32-60:1) Note: Only use as a pre-mix.

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Store: MotoSport Brand: Maxima Price: USD 37.99