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Accessory Rail 6 In.
Description: . The new RPS Studio Accessory Rail 6 In. are black anodized aluminum and will accept standard accessory feet. It is a very useful and a good quality Rail by its manufacturer RPS Studio. The double locking foot can be set anywhere along the bottom side of the rail and it also allows the rail to be rotated for added flexibility in positioning accessories.

Store: GoldenMine Brand: RPS Studio Price: USD 21.95

CooLED 50 Light
Description: . The new RPS Studio CooLED 50 Light is the latest in lighting technology. Using just 50 watts of energy it produces as much light as a 500 watt incandescent photoflood without the heat and at daylight 5200AK making it perfect for either still or video work. Featuring a single 50 watt LED that has an average life of 50 000 hours and a built dimmer this light will prove to be an economical environmentally friendly workhorse. When coupled with the optional battery pack this unit can be used when there is no AC outlet available. It comes complete with a removable 90A reflector barn door set diffuser and AC power supply with cables. Other optional light modifiers are also available. An optional DC power pack is available. The light is fan-cooled and can run on AC power or an optional DC power pack for more mobile operation. It has a locking yoke mount for attachment and setup to a light stand and comes with a two-leaf barndoor and diffuser. Features: Latest in lighting technology 50 watts of energy 500 watt incandescent photoflood light without the heat

Store: GoldenMine Brand: RPS Studio Price: USD 199.99

Large Uneven Mounting Arm
Description: . This larger version of the popular RPS Studio Large Uneven Mounting Arm features more distance between the left and right shoes. Its additional height of 3rd shoe is in the middle. It features complete locking foot with 1/4-20 female thread and is made of metal. The arm measures approximately 5 inches wide by 4 inches high. The mounting arm is perfect for the use of multiple speedlights constant lights or microphones!

Store: GoldenMine Brand: RPS Studio Price: USD 29.95

3/8 to 1/4-20 Adapter
Description: . The RPS Studio 3/8 to 1/4-20 Adapter converts a 3/8 inch male threaded screw to a 1/4 inch-20 screw. The adapter is made with highly reliable and strong brass metal for long life.

Store: GoldenMine Brand: RPS Studio Price: USD 7.95

CFL 5500 Degree K 35 Watt Lamps
Description: . These energy saving photographic quality cool burning low cost lamps are 5500K. There are 6 wattages available 30 watt 35 watt 45 watt 70 watt 105 watt and 150 watt.

Store: GoldenMine Brand: RPS Studio Price: USD 13.95

20x20x20 Lighting Tent
Description: . The RPS Studio 20x20x20 Lighting Tents are supplied with both a carry pouch and and interior blue background. Easy to set up...just pops into position. Flatten twist and fold to reinsert in zippered storage pouch. Great for all reflective objects: glass coins silver gold etc. Creates a really nice soft lighting effect without glare or reflections.

Store: GoldenMine Brand: RPS Studio Price: USD 39.95

3-in-1 Wireless Remote Control Kit Canon D Series 3 pin
Description: . The RPS Studio 3-in-1 Wireless Remote Control is a very versatile wireless trigger that can be used to release the shutter of a digital camera up to 300 feet away or fire a studio flash such as a monolite or an accessory camera flash up to 100 feet away. It is powered by 1 23A battery (included) for the transmitter and 2 'AAA' batteries (not included) in the receiver and features 16 channels to choose from to help avoid unwanted triggering by other photographers in the same studio or shoot. The receiver can mount to an accessory shoe a light stand or a tripod and features a hot shoe to accept speedlites. If the speedlite does not have a hot shoe a PC cord is included. And of course there is a 3.5mm cord and a 1/4' plug adapter included for speedlites. The transmitter has a hot shoe to make mounting on the camera easy and secure. In camera mode the transmitter has a two position switch. The first position activates the auto focus and exposure. The second position triggers the shutter. In flash mode the first position fires the flash if manual trigger is desired. Otherwise the flash is triggered in sync with the shutter of the camera when the transmitter is connected to the camera. Both the transmitter and the receiver have locking shoes. And of course the necessary connecting cord for the camera is included. Complete with additional accessory shoe designed to adhere to the side of a monolite to hold the receiver securely on to most monolites.

Store: GoldenMine Brand: RPS Studio Price: USD 79.95

HDSLR FloPod Video Stabilizer
Description: . The RPS Studio FloPod Video Stabilizer is an innovative stabilizing support for video DSLR cameras. Conceptually the FloPod borrows from stabilizers with 3-axis gimbals but the form factor is all its own and optimized for hybrid DSLR cameras that do both stills and HD video. Mounted to a C-bracket the camera's weight pulls the bracket left & right resulting in horizontally stable framing even as you walk and tilt the handgrips slightly side to side. The FloPod stabilizer also allows rotation in the vertical dimension and thus it eliminates movement that would otherwise result in front-to-back tilt. Three lock wheels serve as drag controls two for the vertical axis (front-to-back tilt) and one for the horizontal axis (side-to-side shake) . These allow you to customize the unit's 'play' to accommodate different camera weights & for the degree of fluidity of movement that you want. You can also lock the vertical axis if you'd like to tilt forward and back with the FloPod. An included zoom ring with a large lever attaches to your lens barrel; this allows you to zoom in and out easily with a single finger while you keep the rest of your hand on a grip. Also included are counterweights that add to the inertia of the camera for more fluid motion. The result is smoother video capture from a lightweight affordable stabilizer rig.

Store: GoldenMine Brand: RPS Studio Price: USD 259.95

3-Umbrella Tungsten Lighting Kit
Description: . This kit is designed for quality digital studio photography both in the light that it produces and in the workmanship of the materials. The light heads feature ceramic sockets for long life bayonating reflectors for secure fit and a shape that is designed to produce even light with no hot spots or concentric circles. The CSA line cord has a heavy duty on/off switch to ensure years of reliable use. The white umbrellas have a black backing to maximize the light. The 8' reflectors are sized to allow the maximum amount of light to reflect back to the subject. Additionally the socket of the reflector can be adjusted allowing the light to be 'focused' changing the edge of the light from soft to hard. Also this adjustment allows the umbrella to be filled without unnecessary spillover resulting in lost of light.

Store: GoldenMine Brand: RPS Studio Price: USD 214.95

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