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Grab 'n Go Hot Food Merchandiser
Description: The Grab 'n Go Merchandiser (6655) is a workhorse unit designed to increase impulse buys at the front of your stores, no matter how limited the space. Its compact size is perfect for any countertop and is great to place at cashiers for added temptation. This merchandiser uses foil-rope heating for uniform temperature which ensures no hot or cold spots and comes with food ID magnets for each shelf to make it more convenient for you to serve the products you want. With wire racks to keep food from counters and a recessed back door for refills, this merchandiser is a truly convenient and useful way to generate sales and attract customers' attention. The integrated lighting, on top and under each shelf, and adjustable temperature control from 90 degree-200 degreeF gives you ultimate control so you can stock exactly what you want to. Foil-Rope Heating System: This merchandiser uses a foil-rope heating system which helps distribute heat evenly amongst the shelves, ensuring no hot or cold spots. All of your products are kept at the same temperature which makes this machine a great choice for all high-traffic retailers Easy Customization: With a removable header which can be changed to show different products and food ID magnets to attach to each shelf face, this merchandiser is easily customizable to work with lots of products. If your business sells different products at different times of the day, you can easily change the whole look of this merchandiser in seconds Compact Size: This machine has a small footprint and a high payoff with its small, compact size. Measuring in at just 24 high, it is the perfect size for any countertop and takes very little space away from serving stations. (Full dimensions: 24.375 H x 10.825 W x 16.755 D) Recessed Back Door: With a recessed back door, you can continue to stock up your merchandiser during busy periods to ensure your customers always have something to buy Quality Construction: This merchandiser is made from quality stainless steel with a black powder coat textured finish, so it looks great and is incredibly easy to clean. With polycarbonate high-quality sides, you can rest assured that this machine is durable and long-lasting Integrated Lighting: This merchandiser comes with integrated lighting at the top and under each shelf to showcase the products on offer and make a maximum impact Adjustable Temperature Control: Whether you decide to use this machine for pastries, sandwiches, cookies or other on-the-go snacks, the merchandiser's adjustable temperature control, which is between 90 degree-200 degreeF, gives you the flexibility you need

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 627.00

Easy Slicer 1/8 Fixed Cut Manual Slicer
Description: Nemco 55200AN-4 Easy Slicer 1/8 Fixed Cut Manual Slicer puts the power and precision in your hands and promotes careful and precise slicing to create the best possible product for your workplace. This machine utilizes manually controlled, stainless steel rotary blades that have no problem slicing through practically any kind of vegetable. The sturdy blade is complimented with a tough aluminum exterior that won't break under pressure and will provide many years of high-quality service. The blade can cut as finely as 0.125 in width, and the specific width can be fully controlled by turning a thumbscrew. The gauge clearly indicates the thickness of the cut, making it easy for anyone to use. The Easy Slicer is controlled manually, so there is no need for a source of electricity to power it. This makes it easy to place onto any countertop of a workplace. Durable Rotary Blades:Stainless steel rotary blades help this machine maintain peak performance. The blades are both very tough and extremely sharp, so it won't halt or buckle while slicing Easily Cleaned:All of the separate components, including the blades, can be taken apart and normally washed in a sink or dishwasher without being tarnished Years of Service:The design incorporates rock-solid castor aluminum as the body of this slicer, which guarantees a minimal amount of maintenance and many years of high-quality output Perfect for Any Countertop:The lack of electricity not only saves you money on energy usage but also allows this machine to be placed wherever it's best suited, without worrying about utility clearance Precise Slicing:The handle allows you to slice your own product manually without any trouble - ensuring you get the best result possible Control the Pace:The Easy Slicer lets you moderate your working pace - excelling at fast paced slicing and cutting, as well as a slower, more controlled cut Minimal Waste:The clean and contained way the Easy Slicer cuts through produce means it creates no mess while slicing and helps greatly reduce the risk of contamination

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 259.60

Easy Chicken Slicer- 1/4
Description: This slicer provides a safe and efficient alternative to preparing chicken by hand. Chicken is placed underneath the pusher block which holds tough, but unsharpened, stainless steel blades that close down and slice the chicken into equal 0.25 wide chicken strips. The apparatus is easy to dismantle - enabling the user to use different blade assemblies in order to achieve differing widths of chicken strips. The blades make your workplace a safer one to work in - lowering the risk of cuts, bleeding and contamination greatly with its injury-proof blades. The Nemco 55975-2 Easy Chicken Slicer 1/4 is also easy to position in your workplace because it does not rely on a source of power. The four legs with suction cups keep the unit held tightly to any surface - and the units compact design means it requires very little clearance. Constant Precision:Hand cutting won't promise a consistent result. This machine cuts 0.25 wide chicken strips with every single use - and with less effort than hand cutting Solid Materials:The Easy Chicken Slicer has an impressive lifespan - assured by its stainless steel blades and aluminum components Cleaning is Made Simple:The positioning of the pusher block and the devices base make sure that leftover pieces of chicken don't get stuck or clog the instruments Operation is Learned Easily:This machine is user-friendly enough that time won't be wasted teaching staff how to operate it. Pull the block down onto the chicken, and the strips are ready No Risk of Injury:The solid stainless steel blades are kept unsharpened in order to greatly lower the risk of anyone getting hurt or contaminating the workplace with blood Ergonomic Design Lessens Fatigue:Pulling the handle to bring down the pusher block is the only action needed - makes it less tiring than manually slicing the chicken. This brings workplace fatigue down significantly Convenient Shape and Size:This manually operated machine fits virtually any countertop. The slicer also features 2.5 of space underneath for catching the strips as they're chopped

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 233.75

Wide Slanted Hot Dog Roller Grill- 45 Hot Dog Capacity
Description: This roller grill can not only produce a huge quantity of high quality foodstuffs in just a few minutes, but it also does this while actively advertising your dining establishment. This model of wide slanted roller grill from Nemco can cook a full capacity of 45 hot dogs at any given time. It thoroughly cooks them with individually heated chrome rollers that slowly turn 360 degree that make sure the product is cooked evenly for the best possible result. The rollers can even have alternating temperatures from the seven temperature setting that are available to choose from - helping you adjust to slower business, as well as peak hours. The slant gives people walking past a view of the succulent food being prepared, which will help improve business by raising consumer interest. The drip pan, grease barrier and end bearings of this machine also discourages grease from seeping out - keeping the area clean. Maximum capacity of 45 hot dogs:For absolute peak output, this roller grill will easily cook 900 hot dogs in an hour - and not just hot dogs either, this grill is suitable for egg rolls, churros and anything else that fits Clean 360 degree cooking:The chrome rollers cook by slowly turning 360 degree in order to rotate the food, which not only creates an evenly cooked product, but also discourages residue build-up Slanted for advertising purposes:This roller grill also acts as a billboard for your business - showcasing the best you have to offer and whetting peoples appetites to raise customer retention Won't buckle under pressure:Built with stainless steel and aluminum - the motor for the rollers is reinforced with ball bearings to reduce the risk of grease leaking from the motor, and any damage to the grill Immaculate operation:Rollers are easy to clean with a damp sponge, and leftover grease is kept to a minimum thanks to the grease barrier and grease drip tray that come included with this grill Easy temperature control:Seven different temperature settings allow customizable heating for each roller - some can be put on a very low setting when you're cooking outside of peak hours One plug:Nothing complicated about setting up this grill - simply plug into a compatible outlet and it's ready to use

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 976.80

Rotating 4-Tier Pizza Merchandiser with 18 Racks
Description: This NEMCO Pizza Merchandiser (6452) is the perfect companion to anybody selling pizzas in a catering environment because it put them at the center of attention. This model has room for four 18 pizzas, so whether you're selling them whole or by the slice, it is a great merchandising investment. With internal overhead lighting and a rotation system, this machine is great for capturing your customers' attention and encouraging impulse buys. The tubular heating system and water reservoir inside the machine ensure that your pizzas are warm and dry while its stainless steel and tempered glass design make the machine easy to clean and maintain. Stainless Steel Design: The machine's stainless steel design is easy-to-clean and maintain, letting you focus your time on more important things Room for Large Pizzas: This merchandiser was made to hold four 18 pizzas, giving you the chance to sell at countertops in busy catering environments Control the Temperature: If you want to control the temperature of your pizzas, the built-in temperature gauge and adjustable thermostat on the merchandiser are handy tools to have. By giving you control and flexibility over the temperature inside of the machine, you're able to maximize the time your pizzas stay fresh Lights and Rotators: This machine lights up your food with internal overhead lighting which helps to show off your pizzas while they're looking their best. Built-in rotators are a great addition, and the innovative auto-stop technology when the pizza door opens gives you peace of mind and keeps you safe when working with the machine Contemporary Signage: This merchandiser comes with great contemporary signage to give your machine a modern, welcoming feel. Both Fresh Pizza and Hot and Fresh signs are included with the merchandiser so you can choose which works for you Quick Start Up: This merchandiser only takes 16 minutes to heat up to 180 degrees, giving you more time to focus on baking your pizzas and working on other important catering duties

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 1386.55

Hot Dog Roller Grill with GripsIt Non-Stick Coating- 27 Hot Dog Capacity
Description: With a 27 hot dog capacity, the NEMCO Hot Dog Roller Grill with Non-Stick Coating (8027SX) is a great way to increase countertop and impulse sales. This grill provides high-performance cooking and a time-tested design. An integrated 360 degree rolling mechanism and Gripsit coating prevent residue build up, meaning your hot dogs always look and taste fresh. All-around coverage: This roller grill includes a 360 degree rolling mechanism which prevents residue build up and puts your hot dogs on display to passing customers Speedy start up: The 8027SX takes only ten minutes to warm up so you can quickly begin serving hot dogs Easy cleaning : With a removable drip pan and stainless steel design, this machine is easy to clean and maintain Designed for peak and off-peak: With independent heating elements for front and rear roller grills, you can turn off part of the machine when off-peak to save money Gripsit: With a non-stick Gripsit coating, your hot dogs will look great and won't stick when you're trying to serve customers Warranty: This machine was designed to last, but NEMCO offer a one year standard labor and parts warranty for your peace of mind

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 850.30

Slanted Hot Dog Roller Grill with GripsIt Non-Stick Coating- 36 Hot Dog Capacity
Description: The Nemco 8036SX-SLT slanted hot dog roller grill is the best choice when it comes to showcasing a tasty product as it cooks. Each heated chrome roller cooks hot dogs and other products in a matter of minutes, meaning you'll never be in short supply and can satisfy all of the customers you're attracting. The 7 degree slant at which the grill cooks at is enough to keep hot dogs from falling off, while still giving passers-by a great view. It does all this while maintaining a high standard of cleanliness. The grease drip pan and grease barriers both prevent the seepage of grease and keeps the machine, as well as countertops, free from dirt. The rollers of this model also come with a complementary coating of GripsIt, which helps cleaning up a lot easier when sugar-coated things have been on the rollers. 36 hot dog capacity:Other kinds of foods bigger than hot dogs are also suitable for this machine - at full capacity this machine is big enough to accommodate 36 hot dogs, and can cook them at a rate of 720 an hour No residue:The 360 degree turning chrome rollers cooks hot dogs and other foods effectively via this turning method, which also completely discourages any residue build-up even after long periods of use Great for attracting attention:Cooks effectively even when slanted - this machine can be perched at a 7 degree angle to provide customers with a great view of the product as it's cooking Sturdy build:The casing for the rollers is comprised of stainless steel and aluminum - the motor for the rollers is also filled with ball bearings that reinforces it and prevents grease seepage out of motor GripsIt-coated rollers:Rollers can be cleaned with a damp sponge, and grease is prevented from leaking with both the drip tray and the grease barrier - the chrome rollers of this hot dog machine allow for easy cleaning, with its coating of GripsIt preventing stubborn stains from building up Full temperature control:The temperature can be changed to one of seven different settings available, and the front and back rollers can even be given differing temperatures simultaneously to help cook different foods at once Easy to use and install:Installing is simply a matter of plugging the 6 ft power cord into any compatible outlet - no assembly or utility hook-up required

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 1029.05

Slanted Hot Dog Roller Grill with GripsIt Non-Stick Coating- 33 Hot Dog Capacity
Description: Able to serve up to 660 hot dogs per hour, the Non-Stick Slanted Hot Dog Roller Grill from NEMCO (8033SX-SLT) is an effective and powerful machine. With independent front and rear heaters and seven temperature settings, you're in control and can serve a whole variety of on-the-go snacks such as hotdogs, sausages, egg rolls and tornados. Easy to Use: After plugging in and loading up, this machine gets to work heating your hot dogs. It's easy to use and is suitable for all employees, whether they've been on your staff for years or days Front and Rear Heaters: Dual heaters means you can run a reduced service during off-peak hours Instant Set Up: This machine works right out of the box and has a 6' plug which works in any socket. It requires no ventilation and takes only ten minutes to preheat, so you can get serving in no time Super Simple Cleaning: The machine's rollers use GripsIt non-stick coating, a grip- and abrasion-resistant additive with SilverStone, to keep clean. An integrated removable drip pan and stainless steel design make day-to-day cleaning a breeze Spotlight Display: A 7 degree slanted roller means your hot dogs are always in the spotlight and will be seen by passing customers Standard Warranty: A one year standard factory warranty means you're protected Warranty: A one year factory warranty comes included with this product to give you peace of mind

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 877.80

18 Stainless Steel Slanted Double Shelf Hot Food Merchandiser
Description: If you are looking for a counter to put your hot snacks out on display, the NEMCO 18 Stainless Steel Slanted Double Shelf Hot Food Merchandiser (6480-18S) is a perfect solution. Its slanted design gives every product a chance to shine, and with independent light and temperature controls for both of the machines 18 shelves, you can put whatever products you like out on display. The machine's stainless steel and tempered glass construction make it highly durable and easy to clean, and it is compact enough for any countertop at busy catering outlets where impulse purchases can be encouraged. With enough room for up to 24 sandwiches and adjustable food dividers included, this product has it all. Highly Customizable: You have complete control over your NEMCO 18 Stainless Steel Merchandiser with independent heat and light controls for each shelf. If you want to display multiple products all at different temperatures you can, and with the adjustable food dividers, you can make it easy for your customers to find the products they want Space for Lots of Food: With two 18 slanted shelves, all of your products have a chance to be seen by passing customers. This merchandiser has the capability of storing 24 4 sandwiches or other products such as pies, pastries or cakes Cleanliness First:This machines stainless steel exterior and tempered glass side panels make cleaning and maintaining a breeze One-Year Peace of Mind: The NEMCO Merchandiser is highly durable and was built to last, but for added peace of mind, we include a one year labor and parts warranty

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 1186.35

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